In loving memory of Katherine Min

The Fetishist, by Katherine Min – Jan 2024

Now available for preorder!

I’m thrilled to announce that my mom’s second novel, The Fetishist, will be published posthumously by Putnam on Jan 31, 2024. Following the success of the Inaugural Katherine Min Fellowship Celebration that we put on with MacDowell, Mom’s family and friends came together and we found an agent, PJ Mark, who found an editor, Sally Kim. They’ve both been amazing. I got to work with Sally in editing the manuscript, which was an intense and inspiring and emotional experience — like collaborating with Mom from beyond the grave, like working on a writing project together. I also wrote an afterword, sharing a personal view of Mom as an artist and, well, as a mom. Cathy Park Hong wrote the introduction. Stay tuned for updates as this journey continues!

U.S. announcement at Publisher’s Weekly

U.K. announcement at the Bookseller